Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI and transform data into new ways of doing business.
The New AI Innovation Equation
Thought leaders and scientists largely agree on the confluence of forces that have advanced artificial intelligence: the rise of big data, the emergence of powerful GPUs for complex computations and the re-emergence of a decades-old AI computation model—deep learning. What are the catalysts for the next wave of innovation?


The data and analytics market is shifting from discrete products to unified, cloud-based services that support cognitive businesses. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data platforms is the integration of these services and technologies. Our mission is to help organizations augment and accelerate their data-driven problem-solving capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Platform Services help you integrate your structured and unstructured data into a unified platform that gives you access to actionable insights.


Extract Business Value

Use the cognitive power of Watson to extract more business value from data.

Combine Data

Combine structured and unstructured data to take advantage of new insights.

Accelerate data analysts work

Accelerate data analysts work by better managing data across workloads.

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