A Passion for Social Responsibility make dreams comes true.
Who we are
Since launching in 2008, SenzIT has been a successful global innovator of Information Technology products, consulting and services. Spanning across the globe with strategic operations in tech-centric, business-driven countries like Australia, UAE, Singapore, and India, we are making the world a safer, smarter place to live in by “Sensing Information Technology”.
What we do
Welcome to cognitive era!

We are dedicated to providing Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and cognitive solutions for the organizations with a focus on delivering a more intelligent tomorrow.
How we do it
Our partnership with technology giants like IBM, Google, and open AI platforms has given us a clear path for uplifting our products and cognitive solutions. SenzIT along with our technology partners aims to complement enterprise by providing exclusive video analytics, predictive analytics, and cognitive business intelligence in addition to rising Robotic Process Automation thus paving the way for a more connected, smarter tomorrow. We are indeed fortunate in having a powered artificial intelligence suite integrated with our Product thus raising the wonder to the best of the breed solutions.

SenzIT invests heavily in training its team in upcoming technologies so that we can envision the future of IT before it arrives. Our Labs teams are constantly working towards developing solutions that are sustainable and technologically advanced.
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • We Sense

SenzIT is on a mission to make organizational processes simpler, easier and cognitive ready through the use of technology. Our team is passionate about creating products and solutions that are a class apart. Through its products, SenzIT serves people across the world, making it easier and faster for them to do work and inspiring them to embrace technological change for a better and safer tomorrow.

Our vision is to create innovative products and deliver cognitive solutions through machine learning and deep learning techniques powered by artificial intelligence. By using these cutting-edge technologies we provide sustainability and a better future for our clients and the world around us.

We sense where the market is going and help clients adapt their processes to stay ahead of the competition.

That is why SenzIT has grown rapidly over the years. Every team member approaches their work with a sense of integrity, respect and an understanding that our work is designed to create a better world for all.  Since inception, the SenzIT focus has been on creating products that are easy to use and make everyday lives easier.

Social Responsibility

Why would an organisation invest heavily in building smarter solutions? At SenzIT, we consider it a question of being a new-age organisation that is working towards making this world a better place. Investing in sustainable and Cognitive solutions is the need of the hour and something that we deep ly believe in. There is a strong sense of satisfaction linked to the creation of smarter products that can bring about real change for many of the world’s challenges.
SenzIT is a trusted partner to governments and Enterprise globally. SenzIT has partnered with customers to innovate sustainable world-class AI Products, Cognitive Solutions and Consultancy in Justice, Education and other cross industry sectors, enabling digital transformation that positively impact lives and communities

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