Evidencer Suite

Intelligent, Secure, Scalable and Easy to use.
Evidencer is a complete suite for real time Evidence data capturing, Archiving, visualizing, Analysing, on a secured shared platform driven by Artificial intelligence. Evidencer Suite delivers safer city and smarter justice by connecting citizen, Law enforcement, Border Security & Judiciary on a unified integrated platform.
Public Safety
Evidencer MOB – A highly secured mobile application that provides a single tap provision to the public. It can be used to record the Audio / video and any data related to crime, accidents or any event data that can help the safe city initiative. These critical data will be send to law enforcement department which is connected to an intelligent command and operation center.
Law Enforcement
Evidencer LE – is an enterprise advanced investigation analysis and data capturing system with artificial intelligence. The system archives live proceedings right from crime scenes to the primary investigation interviews at police stations.
Border Security
Evidencer BS – Provides a Two channel audio video capturing solution on a secured enterprise secured mobility platform. Using advanced data collection and in-depth correlation of existing data and passenger analysis, you can improve national security, with immigration procedures.
Smarter Justice
Evidencer Smart Court -The Evidencer smart court captures all the live proceeding on the court room in real time and makes court proceedings simpler, less manual, trouble-free, and digitized. The Evidencer Enterprise Smart court delivers a high quality, efficient, and effective approach towards the overall decision making and the justice process,
Safe Smart Cities
Evidencer AI: In crisis situations, time is everything. Get analytics-based insights to help you speed up decision making and time-to-action .Smart cities can enable Evidencer AI for a safer city.
Manage all your digital evidence for a safer tomorrow!
Learn how you can fight crime, identify and rapidly locate suspects with audio and video evidence, and tap into a wealth of data insights to uncover patterns that generate leads and predict criminal activity to connect the dots and achieve smarter justice.
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