Safe Smart Cities

Time to transform, New Cognitive approach for Safe Cities.
Today, cities and governments around the world are turning to real-time data collection and predictive analytics to help create smarter cities with more integrated law enforcement agencies. The adoption of technologies that can deliver accurate information in an actionable timeframe will only continue to grow as we move closer to a smarter planet. Saving time can save lives—and keep our communities safer.

Evidencer AI with IBM smart city solutions apply sophisticated statistical, data exploration and machine-learning techniques to historical information to help agencies uncover hidden patterns and trends—even in large, complex datasets or data lake repositories. By using predictive analytics, you can better anticipate what types of intervention will be needed, and where. So you can plan, rather than react. And make the best use of available resources.

Cities require an intelligent law enforcement center that provides a single, integrated source for tremendous volumes of public safety data. Law enforcement agencies can bring together information from databases of citations and criminal bookings, field reporting systems, video surveillance systems, asset management systems, social media sources and more while connecting with regional or national data sources for additional information.


In crisis situations, time is everything. Get analytics-based insights to help you speed up decision making and time-to-action, keeping people, property and infrastructure Safe.

How It Works

By integrating structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, such as
– Citizen policing data and Public social media analytics.
– Intelligent Law enforcement center.
– Real Time Crime Center.
– Predictive and Preventive Policing.
– Immigration and border security.
– Video Surveillance and Analytics.
– Case management system
– IBM Intelligent Operation and Command Center for crisis and Emergency Management

  • Quickly identify and prioritize response efforts that matter most
  • Improve collaboration by allowing information sharing across organizational boundaries
  • Perform “what if” analyses on historic data to improve future preparedness
  • Achieve swifter responses and smarter use of resources
  • Improve communication with citizens before, during and after events


These solutions help you integrate, correlate and analyze operational information to implement a dynamic four-phase model of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation with safety as the utmost priority.

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