Smarter Justice

Enhanced Collaboration for an accurate, speedy and smarter Justice.
Judiciary departments have to collaborate with other justice organization which can help in speeding up investigations and convictions.

Increasingly, criminality is organized, global, digital, and operating across complex networks. Justice department must adopt cognitive solution to ensure appropriate safeguarding of witnesses, containment of violent offenders and curation of police records that must be kept safe.

care of the judiciary process right from when the case begins until a verdict is delivered. What if we told you that a courtroom could be rigged with cameras, a police interrogation room can broadcast live interrogations, witnesses under protection program no longer need to be physically present, or that the log notes of courtroom proceedings could be automated with artificial intelligence preserved as a digital secured document?

The concept of Smarter Justice can transform these critical procedures into a much secure and easier process for the disbursement of faster, speeder trials.

This new approach could automatically create an electronic case file from the moment a 911 call is received or a police officer takes a report in the field. As the case progresses, police officers and investigators could incorporate information from a wide range of sources, from traditional text materials to audio and video content, and provide access to multiple teams. Once a criminal is arrested, the electronic file could be swiftly transferred to prosecutors, defense attorneys and court personnel, who can access all the information they need from a tablet or mobile device.


Smarter Justice is a multiphase process of delivering an integral cognitive platform for citizen, Law Enforcement and Judiciary which can help the judges on critical judgments.

How It Works

Smarter Justice contains unique, innovative product suite enabling a transformation in the justice system. Evidencer Smarter Justice system includes:

– An intelligent approach to integrated case management
– Digitization of the physical existing records.
– Implementation and Integration to the existing and new audio visual products
– Case Management System
– Enterprise Content Management system
– IBM Enterprise video Analytics
– IBM Watson Explorer

  • A cognitive exploration and content analysis platform that lets you listen to your data for advice. Explore and analyze structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve decision-making.
  • Leverage built-in cognitive capabilities powered by machine learning models, natural language processing and next-generation APIs to unlock the hidden value in all your data.
  • Customize the software to address judge’s specific needs for improved, informed case solving capabilities.
  • Optimize the value of massive amounts of information collected by government agencies.


This Cognitive solutions deliver integrated, correlated and pre-analyzed case information with a dynamic four-phase model of advice for the court officials, judges and other stakeholders.

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