Virtual Reality

Immersive, 360 experiences to transform the way we interact with the world around us.
Our consultancy are the ‘basic rules’ that pave the way to the success of an entrepreneur, irrespective of the kind of business. Our axial services including AR/VR, Hologram and 3D Conversion is worth exploring.

Communication and interaction with the computer devices are made easy through virtual reality. This futuristic technology will redefine all spheres of human activity.VR

SenzIT is at the forefront of metamorphosis that the technological world is going through. The versatile VR and AR tools in our quiver have enables us to provide our customers with engaging simulations for varied applications. In the course of our technological expedition, we have been able to associate with umpteen number of organizations for putting this amazing technology for social causes. Our VR products designed for children with autism and for paralysed patients are quintessential examples of how technology can be used to revolutionize medical treatments.

The cascading effect of VR also reflects in the banking sector. We worked hand in hand with the Federal Bank, one of the leading private sector banks in India, to create a virtual panoramic tour of the future banking system. Furthermore, the VR and AR technologies are redesigning the architectural practices as well. We have been able to propel our service quality to the acme by creating an alluring experience for our clients with the help of VR

The holographic magic has revamped diverse industry ever since its conception. 3D holograms give the spectators a truer experience to life and turn the myth of telepresence a realityHologram

SenzIT has a wide array of holographic 3D visualization ranging from static images to motion displays. We specialize in inflating quality holographic displays in the thin air which are visible to naked eye from all dimensions. There has been a magical leap in the virtual reality where 3D apparatuses have become nonessential. The holographic technology unequivocally has seeped into almost all verticals of activities, enhancing the real-life experience of the spectator by crafting unreal images. Being a leading holographic company, we strive to deliver augmented holographic experience to our clients with seamless image quality.

Our stereoscopic 3D conversion process is revolutionary and our VFX capabilities have enables us to convert 2D theatrical content with utmost quality.3D Conversion

SenzIT 3D conversion involves two aspects, precisely the technological part, and the artistic part. We provide 3D conversion service that is at par with Hollywood production house benchmarks. The transition of a non- stereo image to a stereo image without quality erosion is what we deliver to our clients, applause to our highly skilled technicians! In 3D movies, even the once which are shot in stereo, needs to pass through a high-quality conversion process to deliver cutting edge outcomes. Being committed to the art form, means you have a varying range of clients. It’s not just movie makers that associate with us, but individuals who wish to convert their 2D pictures into artsy images. Post conversion, our products are viewable both using traditional 3D glasses and minus glasses.
SenzIT is a trusted partner to governments and Enterprise globally. SenzIT has partnered with customers to innovate sustainable world-class AI Products, Cognitive Solutions and Consultancy in Justice, Education and other cross industry sectors, enabling digital transformation that positively impact lives and communities

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